It’s halloween and we’ve come up with something to keep your little ghosts ‘n goblins busy today! Download the printable PDF of this free colouring sheet by clicking here: Download PDF  Continue Reading


Artifact produced this custom wedding illustration and framed it for a very special couple. Congratulations Mike and Justine!Continue Reading


The talented Masonette asked us to design cover art for their new EP – Bird’s Eye View. Check them out at masonette.caContinue Reading


Time for some Christmas crafting! These paper snowflakes are so easy and work great as garland, hanging, or used in wrapping around a box or shown here on wine bottle. I always find it hard to wrap a wine bottle and this was my solution.Continue Reading


Looking for an alternative to the typical christmas bows I just tried making these paper roses that turned out quite nice! I used a hand made paper to wrap the box and then a heavier textured card stock for the roses.Continue Reading


It’s almost that time and we’ve been busy little elves getting ready for the holiday season. To celebrate 1 year in business, we are sending out three holiday cards to all our favorite people. If you would like your own cards, just let us know at info@artifactlab.com.Continue Reading


The 2013 AAIDD Fundraiser calendar is finally ready! What a great group of photos this year – thanks to all the owners who submitted we received over 350 photos. Please visit our ordering page if you wish to purchase your very own calendar.   Continue Reading


Oh how we long for summer to return! This poster was made for a corporate-sponsored family picnic. Various events held at the picnic are depicted against a blue sky and the green grass of Stanley Park. We at Artifact, however, do not recommend trying to put ketchup on a hot dog whilst running a three-legged race…Continue Reading


This poster featured charicatures of two room mates who wished to advertise their Hallowe’en event. Boo!Continue Reading


Just a little fun with some illustration and water colour. Possible inspiration for a new cards and a calendar! Stay tunedContinue Reading